The essential feeling of belonging. I feel #magenta.

In our deep human mind, there are a few standard fears and wishes. The  loneliness or not belonging to a community is one of the bigger ones.  Those who had studied psychology probably have hear about it. I strongly recommend the book “The Art of Not Be Resentful”,  “El arte de no amargarse la vida” written by the Spanish Psychologist Rafael Santandreu. In this pages he talks about the fears, but also most of our wishes, and how to make your life easy and happy. This book is my favourite present to all my friends.

The “ feeling of belonging” is something that  usually is provided by the family or nearest social circle. But sometimes, a company can provide that it in a particular way. And I’m going to explain why in just a couple of examples Deutsche Telekom makes ME belong:

  • My international team, specially Kaja, Aaron, Tom, Cristiane, CK, Eleana and Agnes, sending me flowers and messages during all the time that I have been sick. It kept my spirit up.
  • My Spanish team organizing “virtual beers” and sharing personal and professional information at the same time. My german ones, (Sebastian) making me laugh in every meeting.
  • Some initiatives from the Corona times: Sarah Dovlo made an online class of Zumba and more than 20 people joined from all over the legal entities. Some other days the Spanish colleagues (Isabel) are organizing online yoga lessons, and helping me in every step I take.

Now, I also can use my personal hobby, drawing, for my business purposes. I created this drawing to be used as a certificate for the learning journey that I’m doing at the moment, online trainings on Data Science and Data Literacy. A beautiful project oriented to all employees to make them grow professionally.

I could give many more examples of what is BELONGING, but in my eyes, this is a company that takes care of me, and I definitely feel #Magenta because all of it.

Thank you all.

Un comentario en “The essential feeling of belonging. I feel #magenta.

  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful person that brought me to Magenta landscape some years ago. Thanks to you Monica stay as you are forever.

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